Have a Poker Party for Lots of Fun

Few games are more fun than poker and that's why I recommend that you have a poker party for your next friendly get together.  Of course, you'll want to check the local laws to make sure you know what is legal at your poker party.  For instance, find out if it is legal to play for real money.  Some jurisdictions allow small stakes while others do not.  Some allow poker games for money but only if the money is donated to charity or for a worthy cause.

The next thing to determine when planning your poker party is how many people will be coming and what their levels of skill may be.  Arrange to have at least one table for every six to ten players and comfortable chairs as well.  New decks with the seals intact are also a good idea.  This will assure your poker playing friends that things are on the level and there are no marked cards.  Even though the game may be a friendly one, it is better to remove all doubt about the decks, especially if real money is involved.

Poker chips can be bought for a wide variety of prices.  The heavier clay chips are nice and have a reassuring heft to them as well as sounding cool when they click together, but they can be pricey.  An alternative is plastic chips which are much less expensive.  It is a good idea to have poker chips in a variety of colors and to assign a value for each color.  Traditionally, white chips are worth the least amount and black chips are the most valuable.

Here are some helpful ideas and resources for your poker party

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Poker Party!! Poker Party!!

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A good rule of thumb for poker chips at a poker party is about 35-40 chips per player.  Depending upon the stakes at the table and the sophistication of the players, you may just wish to make the white chips worth the smallest denomination and have all other colors worth twice as much.  For instance, white chips may be worth a dollar while all others are worth $2.  That makes it easier.

There are a variety of poker games available for a party and you may even play dealer's choice if you wish.  The only consideration is that everyone agree about the rules ahead of time.  One of the most popular card games is No limit Texas Hold'em.  But if you decide upon that game then there is something else you will need.

You'll need dealer buttons if you are playing Texas Poker.  Texas Poker, or Texas Hold 'em as it is often called, requires a dealer button that is passed around the table to indicate who the dealer is and therefore, who bets first (to the left of the dealer).  Anything can be used for a dealer button in Texas poker as long as everyone knows what it is ahead of time.

That brings us to the next point and perhaps the most important one to make your poker party go smoothly. It is a good idea to have the rules written down and to pass them out to each player before starting the game.  The stakes and rules should be clearly spelled out so there is no confusion during the "heat of battle."  Another good idea for your
poker party is to have a list of poker hands with the hierarchy cleared spelled out so everyone knows which hand is the best hand in poker.

Since the whole idea of a poker party is to have fun, a little planning will go a long way to make it trouble free.  Finally, make sure you have plenty of snacks and drinks available.  Consider your guests and decide whether alcoholic beverages are really a good idea.  Remember that even though it is all in fun, emotions can run high because poker games are exciting.

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While the whole idea is to relax and have fun while playing a friendly game of poker, it is still important to have things clearly spelled out so everyone knows what is expected of him or her.  You may print the rules from the many rules and variations you find on this poker website.  It may also help to appoint one or two people who shall be the arbiters and also decide when to raise blinds (the amounts of the automatic bets in Texas poker).

A felt table top works very well especially a poker table that is specially made for playing card games, but any soft and non-reflective surface will do.  While it is important to have enough light to clearly see your  cards, it is also helpful to have the lights soft enough not to glare or cause eye strain while playing poker games.

Use these suggestions and have a great poker party.