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As you can see, we have searched the internet for the best top five ringtone downloads. There are a lot of ring tones sites available so we narrowed it down. We searched and found them all and then went from ringtone site to rigntone site and compared them to find the best. Maybe you're looking for a funny ringtone or something a little more serious. Perhaps it's a holiday ringtone for halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, whatever. One thing is certain, the best ringtones are at these sites, guaranteed.

Remember, if you don't find a ringtone using those sitess, you can always use the search box above. Finding the right free ringtone for your phone our goal.

Here are, in our opinion, the top five ringtone sites...

Enjoy! Are Free Cell Phone Ringtones Worth Looking At?

Are Free Cell Phone Ringtones Worth Looking At?
By Mike Selvon

It is pretty much self-evident that the majority of the population, in the US at least, is very much "attached" to their cellular phones. At the same time, folks like to be able to express their personalities with unique cellular ringtones on those beloved cell phones. And, people can find just about any type of ring tone that they can think of just by spending a little time at some of the many websites that offer free cell phone ringtones to their visitors.

In the last 20 years or so, we have witnessed many major strides in the area of technology, but not many of them have become as pervasive and popular, and even "viral" as the mobile phone. But, with the popularity of cell phones there is also a bit of a problem in terms of being able to be unique and stand out from the crowd. Much of that issue has been solved through the ready availability of free cell ringtones.

Once people have collected a good variety of free cell phone ringtones on their phones, they will be able to select different caller ringtones for each person in their phone book who calls regularly. This is a great help to the cell phone user who can identify who is trying to reach them without having to look at their phone. At the same time, this helps dispel confusion in a situation when a room is packed with cell phone wielding people.

When the idea of having many different caller ringtones first came about, the cellular phone companies seemed to be pretty eager to offer their customers lots of downloadable ringtones as part of their contracts and as an added customer bonus. But, after awhile, these same companies realized that they could add a whole new profit center to their business by charging for real music ringtones or for other specialty types of ring tones. As the cell phone companies started charging these fees, many websites offering free cell ringtones cropped up to fill in the gap.

Of course, not all ringtones that people want are free, yet. There are many specialty ringtones and real music ringtones of current top 10 songs that cost money. Because of the issues of paying royalties for such music there will probably always be some that have to be purchased. But the good news is that there will also always be internet sites that will be eager to draw in new visitors by offering free cell phone ringtones.

Learn more about free cell phone ringtones from Mike Selvon's portal, and leave a comment at our mobile ring tones blog.

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Top Five Ringtones
Top Five Ringtones
Top Five Ringtones
Top Five Ringtones
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