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Since their introduction in the 1970's Video Poker machines have become very popular with gamblers and card players.  Part of their popularity stems from the fact that they are easy to play, offer good odds, and can be beaten.  With a little study you can become a good video poker player and even have a light edge over the casino.

Now admittedly, video poker isn't a traditional card game and card players who prefer to interact with other card players won't find them very attractive, but if you like to play a game that requires skill and luck and offers a little profit, video poker might be your game.   Before you head for the casino or download that online casino software you better learn good video poker strategy and also how to tell which video poker games offer the best odds.  Card Game Rules can help with both of these.  Just check out the strategy charts and use the payout table guide for the video poker game you pick to find the game that offers the highest payout and best chance for you to come out ahead.  Beginners can improve their game immediately by using the Video Poker Tips.

Please remember, video poker is a game of chance.  The cards are chosen by a random number generator.  Even with a slight edge you could experience long losing streaks (and long winning streaks) so be careful and never bet more than you can afford to lose.  Set limits for yourself and if you hit your loss limit, walk away for today.  There is always tomorrow.  If you would like to learn more about playing video poker there are some excellent books on the subject and some great websites.  One of my favorite websites is Video Poker Junkie, a website full of information for people who take their video poker seriously and like to win!

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Find the video poker games with the best payouts and your chances of winning are much higher.  Use these payout tables for

Jacks or Better
Deuces Wild
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