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Once you're seated at the table and dealt a hand to play the next big decision you have to make is whether to bet or fold before the flop.  On page one of Poker Odds we looked at the odds of being dealt different hands and the overall expectancy of those hands.

There are exactly 19,600 different ways to flop three cards when you hold two in the pocket.  That is a lot of  variety. It means that whatever three cards you hope will come up have a one in 19,600 chance of appearing.  Obviously, whether to stay in the hand or fold is a big decision and one that will ultimately determine whether you're a loser or winner at this game.

The biggest consideration before the flop is usually if you will flop an overcard.  For instance, if you hold a pair of Jacks a pair of Queens, Kings, or Aces will beat you.  Depending upon the number of players there may be someone holding an overcard in their hand.  Remember this, it is usually the player who starts with the best hand who finishes with the best hand.  Let's say for instance that you are holding a King and Queen and hope to draw a King or Queen, here are the percentages that before the flop someone else is holding an Ace (remember, their chances of drawing an ace are as good as yours of drawing a K or Q)...
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Use these charts to determine your chances on the flop...
Poker Odds before the Flop  Poker Odds after the Flop
Chances Before the Flop that another Player is Holding an Ace
In a 10 player game...

An Ace

An Ace if you hold one

An Ace if you aren't holding one

In a 5 player game...

An Ace

An Ace if you are holding one

An Ace if you aren't holding one






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