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Find the video poker games with the best payouts and your chances of winning are much higher.  Use these payout tables for

Jacks or Better
Deuces Wild
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Use the following drawing strategy and increase your chances of winning. There are many excellent books available for more advanced drawing strategy, but this is the basic method and place to start. Remember, always play the maximum number of coins to get the best payout. If you have a choice of playing a quarter machine for max. coins or a dollar machine for less than max. coins, you are better off playing the quarter machine in the long run.

Basic Video Poker Drawing Strategy
Dealt Cards
Number of cards to draw for maximum payout percentages and "best hand" outcome...
4-of-a-kind or better Draw 1 card if wild cards are offered or 0 cards if your kicker is a high card
4 cards to a royal Draw 1 card
Full house or flush Do Not Draw
3-of-a-kind Draw 2 cards
4-card straight flush Draw 1 card
Straight No Draw
2 pair Draw 1 card
High pair Draw 3 cards
3 cards to the royal Draw 2 cards
4 card flush Draw 1 card
Low pair Draw 3 cards
4-card straight Draw 1 card
3-card straight flush Draw 2 cards
2 high cards Draw 3 cards
1 high card Draw 4 cards
Nothing Draw 5 cards
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